IQUALIF is usefull for all professionals and for business such as call centers, communications and advertising agencies, all marketing professionals and the private or public sector that wish to expand their activities or make themselves known. White scraper versions extract data from individual listings by title, name address, telephone number, average age and collective or individual housing. Yellow extractors allow companies to extract lists by name, address, telephone number, fax, website and email address, where such information is available. This software is an essential tool to expand your market prospects, giving you the possibility to create customer files, forms and qualification files. Web scraping or data mining can also be extended to other areas or sites according to your business needs. Our strengths: new customers will always have up-to-date information captured from official directories in real time.

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This software extracts data from the white pages and saves to Excel Download Features Our software was developed using the best and latest technological advances, and we're always working on improving user experience every time there's new technology on the market!

How it works? Just select the country you want and get an extensive list of Yellow or White pages from that country. List of streets You can use the list of streets provided by us or you can import your own. Demo version available Get the entire functionality of our software for the first three days for FREE, no payment required. All you need to do is run their program and tell it where you need the Pages from. The results always help my team grow our sales amounts over time.

And the new versions of the Yellow and White Pages Extractors give us data like never before. Their absolutely tireless will to help and assist the users in getting everything right is unmatched. With the massive amount of new clients their software brings to my company, the IQUALIF scrapers offer tremendous help in increasing the amounts of sales, which gives us the needed push towards growth and prosperity.

I am of the opinion that the tools they have for finding new first time customers is superb, it's the dream of every salesperson. Their results will certainly help us make our product's marketing campaign a much better experience for us and will allow more clients to use our product for bettering the world. In my opinion their scrapers really help with the process of finding new clients, and the software is very adaptable, so you can tailor it specifically to your company's needs.

Ever since we started using them, the staff has had non-stop flow of new leads. We in the industry spend countless hours discussing the best ways to find new clients. And for the first time in my career I have a way to find a stable stream of new clients - I can modify the search at will and get the clients from the exact location I'm looking for. It's an amazing feeling to know that your client base doesn't miss any possible interested clients.

IQUALIF software is priceless for someone looking to grow their client base - it presents you with every possible resource needed for creating customer files and forms, as well as qualification files. Comparison Table.


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