Cet état de fait est la conséquence des multiples contre-attaques menées par les sites officielles contre le piratage TV. Toutefois, depuis mai dernier, le cryptage lancé par Canalsat a réussi quand même à mettre à mal l'Atlas HD, puisque la majorité des chaines Canalsat ainsi que beIN Sport n'étaient plus décodées. La version B du flash d'Atlas HD a montré ses limites. Une mise à jour n'a pas tardé à être proposée par la Team King groupe d'ingénieurs et hackers algériens animant le site du récepteur satellitaire Atlas.

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The other way to install Blaeu is to install the dependencies yourself, using the packaging system of your choosing. Just remember to be specific and to describe exactly what you did, the actual messages you got, and the output of blaeu-reach --version.

Usage Now, let's see the details of the usage. Blaeu programs have generic options the same for all programs and specific options specific to one program. We'll begin with the generic ones, using blaeu-reach, the program to test with ICMP echo packets like ping does. First, the probe selection options. You can ask for a given number of probes you get five by default and you can select them based on: the area continent or the country useful for testing national censorship , the Autonomous System useful for testing problems specific to one operator , the IP prefix not so useful because you have to indicate a prefix which is in the global routing table , a former measurement which is very useful when you fixed a problem and want to run the exact same test , a list of probes that you select yourself.

All Blaeu programs use long options starting with two dashes such as --prefix but have also short options starting with one dash such as -f for the prefix. In this article, I'll use only the long options because they are self-documented. Let's see a first example where we test with fifty probes from America area West. Blaeu typically does not accept domain names because there can be several IP addresses for each name. Since Blaeu is a debugging tool, it tries to be precise, not user-friendly.

Some tags are put automatically by Atlas, following active tests, and some are put by the user who installed and manages the probe. But you can also request more tags. Do note that user tags are a form of "crowd-tagging" so are not always perfectly managed and maintained. RIPE Atlas allows to select probes on the basis of a previous measurement. It is very useful if you made a test and want to retry it after changing things.

Another specific option, useful when there are more tests than probes, is to display results per probe and not per test, in order to see if the problem is because of packets dropped at random buffers full, for instance or if there is a general problem with some probes. An obvious possible investigation is to use blaeau-traceroute, presented in the next section.


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